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Foshan Shunde Damai Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. Has specialized in manufacturing kitchen equipment and homebrew equipment for more than 8 years. With a management team is rich in experience, the Damai team has become a leader in the industry for both OEM and ODM products. Our production hubs located in Foshan City China, cover an area of 5000 square meters and produce beer machines, fermenters, distillers, coffee makers, water boiler urn, wax melters, etc.

Damai is a company integrating industry and trade, with specialized hardware equipment for metal product processing, a high-quality workforce, a complete quality assurance system, and an experienced development and technical team to meet the needs of different customers.

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kitchen equipment and home brew equipment Manufacturer In China

Damai leads the industry with innovative solutions. Our 7 years of experience guaranteesuccess. Quality is our foundation, and client satisfaction is our priority. We offer a globapresence with a personal touch, ensuring your unique needs are met. Trust Damai forexcellence and partnership in shaping a brighter future.

Quality Assurance

Damai takes pride in its certifications and patents. Our products have obtained internationalcertifications such as CE and LFGB, attesting to their compliance with global quality andsafety standards. Additionally, we hold at least 20+ patents, demonstrating our excellence ininnovation and technology. These certifications and patents serve as a testament to ourongoing commitment to delivering high-quality products and services, assuring customersof the quality and reliability of our offerings.

Why Choose Us

Foshan Damai Electric Appliance Co., Ltd is the industry leader in making ODM and OEM kitchen equipment and home brewing equipment. We not only provide high quality equipment but also offer personalized and customized services to meet the different needs of our customers. Our equipment passes strict scrutiny and inspection to ensure its quality and performance reliability. With us, you can get the best after-sales service and technical support. Let us be your trusted brand and realize your inspired imagination.

1. Customization: We specialize in tailoring products to client specifications, ensuring a perfect fit for unique applications.

2. Quality: Our products undergo stringent quality assurance processes, adhering to international standards for performance and reliability.

3. Innovation: We invest in cutting-edge technology to develop products that offer superior efficiency and precision.

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